Clicker Dog Training

dog clickersClicker dog training is probably the most impressive and effective ways for correcting dog behavior. This method is applicable whatever dog you have. So if you want to train you dog with basic commands, then this training is best for you. Clicker training is a slow learning process, but once your master this, you can teach your dog with almost anything.

This is How It Works

clicker trainingThe concept behind clicker dog training is that you are training your dog to connect with the sound of the clicker that has a sharp and strong sound, which can be heard from 20 yards away. With a specific command that you apply, the dog can immediate associate with it.

You should know that clicker training does not begin with the clicker. You should initially teach your dog that when you use the clicker, it means that you are giving a reward for doing something good. This training can be done with one bag of dog treats and a clicker from your local pet shop.

You should only use a clicker for this instance for good reasons. To begin with, your dog will only respond to the clicker when he did something good and you will give him a treat. A verbal command may be given in different occasions, and the relationship in their head might be different.

How the Training Is Done

clicker training procedureWhen you start clicker training to train your dog, there are 3 fundamental steps involved. The first one is to get the behavior of the dog. You convince your dog to do something that you desire. Be it rolling over, speaking, sitting, or whatever tricks you want him to do. Once you convince them to do the tricks, use the clicker and give him a reward.

It takes 2 to 3 clicks before your dog learn the trick or behavior they have done and does it again when you clicker him. Clicker training works perfectly because your dog will immediately respond to it, making you reward him immediately is what he has in mind. A verbal command is going to take some time to get through.

Once your dog did the behavior and you gave him a reward, keep on doing it to develop the behavior even more. It is not necessary to give him treats all the time. Praising him for the good work is enough.

Command Transitioning

transitioning commandsOnce your dog has grasped the behavior well, you can transition into a verbal command even without a clicker with you. Whenever you intend to use the clicker, say the command first and then click, following the reward. Your dog will eventually know to associate all the three commands.
With clicker dog training, your dog will eventually respond to verbal command. Just do not forget to praise their obedience and give them treats. However, the need for rewards and treats will eventually be gone and your dog will simply learn that his actions please you.

For your information, clicker dog training has a lot of applications. It can help you train your dog easier in many ways. By just using a sharp and simple command, you can reinforce any kind of dog behavior.

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