Do You Know Mastiff Training for Dogs?


If you own a Mastiff and you are looking for tips on how to train him, then this article is right for you. If you do not train your Mastiff, then it will become a giant and slobber. Therefore, training your Mastiff should be your primary priority, especially if you bring him for the first time to your house.

Fortunately, Mastiffs are very smart dogs and they can be easily trained to please their owners. However, you have to start as early as possible and you have to be consistent all throughout the training to make sure that the dog will not take advantage.

The Story Behind Mastiffs

story behind mastiffsMastiff training is actually different in some ways. Mastiffs are very relaxed and calm dogs. They need to have enough exercise that is regular basis even when you feel that you are getting fed up with it. They are not fond of walking or jogging much, therefore, you have to keep them physically active.

You have to have a regular companionship with your Mastiff so that it will remain even-tempered as he grows older. All kinds of dog training are useless if you are always not around at home. Dogs need to be properly socialized to humans and other dogs.

Lastly, you should be patient and invest time. Mastiffs love to make their masters happy but they are a little bit stubborn and they are big, so walking in the park is not a training.

Learning the Basics

puppy mastiffs

To start Mastiff training, you need to ensure that the puppy is with this mother at least 8 weeks old. Having a dog that is big with balanced temperament, it is important that the puppy gets the socialization from its litter stage.

When the Mastiff becomes more mature, you have to keep this socialization. There should be someone at home to accompany the Mastiff every day for at least three months age. Also, it should be properly socialized to other dogs whenever its possible.

You should not train your Mastiff to be a guard dog. The tempers of Mastiffs are not controlled easily once they learn how to watch for dangers or threats. Their size should be enough to drive away any possible threats. They should be protective if necessary.

Obedience Training for Mastiffs

obedience training

Doing obedience training with a Mastiff is very easy. However, it should start when it is still a puppy around ten to fourteen weeks. This age is where the puppy has been house broken and knows its position in the house. You should never be aggressive or violent with your Mastiff. Its size and danger will increase as it grows older.

While most Mastiffs cannot do a lot of things because they are relaxed, you can still teach him to stay, sit, and walk with the leash. It is also good to train him not to chase because it is very hard to control a very big dog.

When training your Mastiff, the fundamental ways are very helpful. They may need some patience and practice in the part of the owner. The most important thing is that the dog should be properly socialized with the family or other dogs.

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