Easy Tips On How to Stop Dog Chasing

dog chasing

Are you tired of your dog chasing anything that moves? It is very important that you stop your dog from chasing due to some reasons. A squirrel, cat, or moving car can lead a dog to health problems.

Also, if you do not stop your dog from chasing, then you will have a hard time to calm him during walking times. Instead of tying him all the time, you should learn how to make him stop chasing before it leads to many problems. In this article, you will know some tips on how to make your dog stop chasing things or people.

Easy Training Methods

trainingIf your dog has chasing problems, the first thing that you should do is to train him the basics. In most cases, if the problem is not severe, you can train him to lessen the bad behaviours. A leash should be your main tool for this example, providing easy way to keep the dog safe while training him.

Focusing on You

focus on youEnsure that your dog knows to keep its focus on you. This is one aspect that people ignore. You have to establish your role in the household to control your dog not to chase. Then during walking times, ensure that the dog always look at you while walking. Do not start walking unless the focus of the dog is on you.

Dog Leash Training

dog leash trainingIf your dog pulls you with the lease and does not focus on you, then you have to take time to train him. Train him to sit and wait whenever you start moving. If the dog pulls, stop him and make him sit beside you. Eventually, he will learn to associate with the feeling of pulling with the leash with stopping.


dog with toy

To stop chasing dog on a leash, you can make use of a toy to distract him. Most of the time, when your dog is fixated and about to chase something, you can divert his attention with a toy or other equal object that they can get excited about. Throw it outside and he will chase it.


You can also ask help from someone to help you. You can make him run or jog to stimulate the dog to chase. To stop the dog to chase, make your friend say stop and spray the dog with water. For most dogs, this method will teach them that chasing is not a good thing. However, this will not work to other dogs. Some dogs might even get angry with the spraying thing.

Avoiding Extreme Methods

shock collar

Many owners will resort to extreme methods to make their dogs stop chasing by using shock collars and electric fences. These methods are not good because they are inhumane and not effective. Consider hiring a dog expert if ever your dog will still not stop chasing.

Keep in mind that if your dog chase cars, animals, or people, and get off his leash, then he can be very dangerous to them. You should learn to solve the problem now and protect your dog from dangers.

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