Easy Tips on How to Train Your Chihuahua


One popular breed of dog in US is the Chihuahua dog, a very small kind but cute. On the other hand, many owners do not mind training their Chihuahua because they just assume that they will not get into trouble given the small size.

Yes, Chihuahuas are cute and small, but do you know that they are dogs that are aggressive and stubborn in obeying verbal commands. Doing a proper training is challenging and has to start at a young age.


The Important of Training Your Chihuahua


The temper of Chihuahua is very unique in every aspect. It will be happy even if it spends most of its time with you. Chihuahuas are companion dogs, so there are born to be attached with you wherever you go. On the other hand, this kind of attachment can result to dominance. If Chihuahuas are not socialized properly to other dogs, then it can lead to many aggression problems.

Though Chihuahuas are small and cute, they act like they are bigger. This is very dangerous if not trained immediately. In addition, Chihuahuas do not like strangers. They immediately get aggressive with other dogs, children, and outdoor noises. Fortunately, these bad behaviours can be controlled by following some good training.

Tips on How to Train Your Chihuahua

chihuahua trainingThe first thing that you need to do when you train your cute little friend is to establish your leadership in the house. Whether you like it or not, but your Chihuahua always thinks that he is in control of the house and do what he wants to do if you tolerate him.

Therefore, you have to set limitations and boundaries. You need to be the master of the house. Below are some fundamental tips on how to maintain your leadership over your dog.

Feeding Times

feeding timesYou should give food to your Chihuahua in the right time. Do not let your dog decide when he wants to eat.


chihuahua walkingYou should walk your Chihuahua one or twice a day, but you should control it. Do not allow your dog to decide the direction by pulling you with the leash. When training your Chihuahua, controlling the leash is very important.


chihuahua jumpingWith a very small size, a Chihuahua can easily go wherever he wants. However, controlling your space is crucial when you are setting limitations and boundaries. Do not respond to his barks or whines and establish the boundaries on what areas your dog is allowed enter.

Comings and Outgoings

coming and outgoingYou should ignore your dog when you arrive or leave the house. You should only give him attention when it is in a calm and relaxed state.

If you really want to train your Chihuahua, then you have to be the leader, and do not allow your dog to be in charge.

Optimizing Mental Stimulation

Optimizing Mental StimulationA Chihuahua can easily get tired, but most still do not get exercise and mental stimulation. Do you see many people play fetch or walk to parks with their Chihuahuas? Train your dog with the basic commands like stay, sit, speak, quiet, and fetch.

When learning to train your cute little friend, avoiding the instances for the dog to take control and giving him enough energy and mental stimulation will eliminate bad temper. These are the tips that you need to plant in your mind if you want to befriend your Chihuahua. There are many tips that you can find online, but the best ones are already posted here. Good luck!

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