Everything You Need to Know About Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog anxiety is probably a common problem that most dog owners are facing. When your dog is anxious, it barks whenever you leave your house.

On the other hand, when it is not addressed, your dog will start to destroy the things inside the house. It creates a mess and barks all the time when you leave the house.

anxious dog

Dog Separation Anxiety Causes

dog separation anxietyDogs are known as pack animals. They have this inherent connection with their owners and when an owner leaves his house, they will become agitated. On the other hand, dogs feel anxiousness because they miss the things that you do when you are present in the house. When your dog does not like you to leave, there is no reason why they have to get agitated.

This really happens because you provide him attention before and after you leave the house or you do the same routine during mornings. Dog behaviour will be developed in a day to day basis, and the outcome is the dog cannot manage this anxiousness when you leave your house.

Tips on How to Lessen Dog Separation Anxiety

lessen dog anxietyThere are methods that you can do to lessen the anxiousness of your dog whenever you leave your house. Below are some of the easiest ways.

Learn to Change Your Routine

Begin by modifying your morning routine. When the dog start to act differently when the alarm clock goes off, they associate that sound that you are about to leave the house. You should wake up different time in the morning, put on your clothes earlier, and bring your keys in advance before you leave. Small changes can lessen the anxiety of your dog.

Do Not Reinforce the Behavior

not reinforcing the dogWhen you give your dog some attention when you leave and arrive home, then you are only reinforcing his behavior. The best way to reduce dog anxiety is to eliminate your associations between arriving and going out and giving attention. When you get home, you should ignore your dog around ten to fifteen minutes. Do not pet him when you leave and avoid giving in when he starts to make noises. This behavior can be treated with crate training or isolating them in a different room in the house.

Building Up to Longer Times

waiting dogWhen your dog gets anxious when you leave the house, try to leave the house in a short period of time for a few seconds the come back again. Sometimes, dog separation anxiety can be responded by modifying the expectation of your dog of how long you will be gone and when you will return. If your dog sees that you are coming back earlier, you can adjust how long you will be able to leave every time.

You Are Not Acting Mean

friendly to dogMany dog owners believe that the solution to anxiety is being cruel to their dogs. But this is not the case. You want to help your dog to keep calm and you want him to know that you are in charge of everything and there is no reason to get anxious. Reducing dog anxiety can improve their health both mentally and physically.

If the dog has a severe anxiety problem that is prolonged, it is very crucial that you deal with it as soon as possible. You should train your dog not to associate your comings and goings even if he does not destroy any thing at home or does not merely get upset.

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