Find Out Why Dogs Eat Poop

dog eating poop

If you own a dog, you may be wondering why dogs eat poop. This habit is very disgusting, unappealing, and unsafe for many reasons. On the other hand, your dog is not alone when you found out that he eats poop. This is a natural behaviour for dogs that most dog owners get stressed about. This phenomenon is known as coprophagia that is a sign of nutritional problems and deeper anxiety.

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop

There are many factors why dogs eat poop. The basic explanation is they might be hungry or just want to clean their space. If you do not feed your dog properly or he lives in a dirt pen, then they will do what it takes to solve their problem. This often leads to eating poop.

Health problems can also be associated with eating poop. Your dog may not be getting enough nourishment that he needs. This can lead to worms and parasites that try to consume the nutrients from their food. Basically, your dog might not be getting enough nourishment from the food he eats every day.

dog-eatspoopOther dogs eat poop because of anxiety issues. They might also have seen you pick up poop and they are mimicking your behaviour on their own. Other reason is that they may be mimicking other dogs that do it.

You should know that when your dog eats poop, it can be resolved easily.

How to Change This Behaviour

veterinarians with a dog

If your dog eats poop, the first thing to do is to check his health condition. This is very important, especially if your dog never did it before and this is his first time. If you dog eats poop regularly, then he may have parasites or worms or may not getting enough nutrition from his food. Visit your vet to find out why your dog eats poop and treat it right away.

If the vet provides you with clean bill of health, does not have other problems that can lead directly to the problems, and he does not stop eating poop, you have to deal with the other problems that causes him to eat poop.

Check the yard if it is free from poop. You should check for poop in your yard daily, check the walk ways, and clean the poop that your dog made. It does not matter why your dog eats poop if it is not regarding to health problems. It is a kind of behaviour that can be treated by eliminating sources.

Adjusting the Behaviour

Small puppyYou can do other ways to make your dog stop eating poop. This might look strange that cayenne pepper and bitter apple spray are unpleasant than poop. Also you can put a spoonful of pumpkin puree in his food to make poop taste unappealing to them. You can also plash him with a bottle of water and say NO when he eats poop.

In general, eliminating the causes of poop eating is actually the simplest way to prevent the problem. However, if you always take your dog to the park and let him off his leash, you need to do more advanced methods. You should be consistent and watch him carefully no matter what. Do not let your puppy lick your face!

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