Learn How to Stop Dog Scratching – Follow These Tips!

dog scratching

There many dog owners around the world who are searching for tips on how to stop dog barking. If you are one of those dog owners who want to stop a dog from scratching, then this article is right for you! Below are the tips to stop your dog from scratching.

The Main Causes

There are many causes of dog scratching. Before you stop your dog from scratching, find out what is the main reason behind it.


ear infection

Fungi, bacteria, or yeast can cause infections. Physical symptoms are red swelling, hairless patches, and greasy sores.


excessive lickingThis is a problem in the nervous system that is caused by excessive chewing and licking. This is usually triggered by lack of physical exercise or stimulation in the mental aspect. This can also be triggered by dog separation anxiety.


flea allergy dog

Dust allergies, plant allergies, flea allergies, food allergies, and other types of allergies can lead to skin problems. Thus, severe itching is the outcome.


dog nutritionA dog that does not have the essential nutrients from the food they eat can have a dry skin, poor hair, sores, and eczema.


Excessive digging, swimming, and outdoor playing can also lead to dog scratching.


parasitesTicks, mites, gnats, flies, and fleas can cause dog itching. There are many available treatments that can stop this.

As mentioned in this article, you should first identify the root cause of dog itching. It is very important to determine the main cause before you do any expensive treatment.

Visiting the Vet

visiting the vetIf you cannot determine the root cause of the itching, then visiting the vet can help you figure out the cause. If it is diagnosed as infection, then you will have to buy some antibiotics to eliminate the problem. Allergies can be treated with changing the diet of the dog and antihistamines. Parasites can be eliminated with medications and flea baths.

Getting Rid of Neurogenic Scratching

When stopping your dog from scratching, the hardest one to stop is the neurogenic scratching. All 5 problems can be treated with change in diet, having exercises, and medications. For neurogenic itching, the first thing to do is to find out why your dog is continuously urging to scratch its skin.

To start with, ensure that the dog is having enough exercise. The dog may just be bored always, and has developed this kind of itching. To stop dog itching due to boredom, do something to avert the behaviour. You can also use cayenne pepper or bitter apple spray on his favourite spots.

Also, you can have a cone from your vet, which will prohibit the dog to enter those itching spots. Once your dog has a good exercise routine, he will gradually return to his old activities if you will remove the spray and cone.

If in case your dog is still itching, go to your vet again to check any other causes. Sometimes, the infections can develop internally.

In general, your ultimate objective, as an owner, is to find out why your dog is itching. Most causes can be treated easily, but you cannot tell the weather.

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