Learn How to Stop Dogs from Biting in this Article

Many dog owners are asking how to stop their dogs from biting at least once in a lifetime. It is very challenging to train a dog to reduce or stop this kind of behavior. A dog that has a bad habit of biting is obnoxious at first. However, when a dog gets older, it can turn dangerous to your family and other people. If you have a dog that bites, then do not hesitate to take action as soon as possible.biting puppy

Learn How to Stop Dog Biting as Puppies

biting dogThe best way to prevent this bad behavior is when the dog is still a puppy. A puppy that is below 6 months of age is very easy to train because it is still in the learning process. But note that in these months, a dog can learn how to bite.

The main issue is that most dog owners believe that puppies are just playing with their teeth because they are teething. They think that their puppies will not hurt them. But in reality, the puppy is trying to establish its position in the house by using its teeth to make him in charge. If you are looking for some tips on how to stop your dog from biting, then this article is the start. Your dog is still in the learning process, so it still not late to prevent or stop it.

Fortunately, there are many methods that you can do to stop your dog from biting. Most of these methods will imitate the puppy on how it would be treated with its mother and litter mates. A mild nip on the neck, a mild noise when bitten, and a replacement therapy where you give a toy to the dog rather than your hand are all effective methods to train a dog that biting is not good. If you are still having a hard time teaching your puppy not to bite, then you should consider enrolling him to a dog obedience class.

Train Your Dog Not to Bite in Its First Year

dog training first yearIf you tolerate your puppy to bite or nip, then it shows that he is in charge in the house. It will make biting as a habit when he turn one year. There are several factors that can result to this habit. To avoid this, do not play physical games with the dog. Do not play tag or war, wrestling, or any other dominance games.

In addition, do not allow your dog to run around the house. You should set him boundaries, limit his range of motion, or crate train him if needed. It is also very helpful if you enrol your dog to an obedience program if he reaches the teenager year.

Train Your Dog Not to Bite as It Age

not to bite as it ageIf your dog still has its biting problem as he grows older, then it will lead to further problems. You may be friends with your dog, but in reality it is showing that it is in control of everything. To train your dog not to bite as it ages, then follow the following paragraphs.

If your dog still nips or bites after one year of age, you should contact a dog expert right away as there is a potential danger involved and your dog might want to reaffirm its dominance by biting people.
If you want to train your dog not to bite, then you have to start when the dog is still young. With some exceptions for mental disease of disorders, a dog that bites as adult has some problems with his puppyhood that could have been dealt.

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