Learn How to Stop Puppy Biting

puppy biting

Puppies are one of the cutest animals in the world. But if your puppy has a biting issue, then you have to deal with it ASAP. Many dog owners do not know that when this problem is ignored, it can lead to many problems in the dog’s life. If you are looking for tips on how to stop puppy biting, then you should read this content.

Fortunately, most puppies can learn how to stop biting when they are still young. Having brothers and sisters in the litter, they can easily associate that when they bite, other puppies will also bite back. When the puppy reaches eight weeks, it already knows note to bite. But the thing is, the mother does not always have eight weeks to train his puppies to stop biting.

The Early Days

puppy with mother dog

If you pull off a puppy that is below eight weeks or a puppy that did not learn how to stop biting, then you should deal with the problem immediately.

To start with, do not hit your puppy when he bit you. If he does not think that you are playing, then he might get afraid and can develop anxieties and fears that could lead to dog aggression in the future.
To stop puppy biting, you have to find out the main cause. Encourage your puppy to adapt positive behaviours and discourage bad habits. Do not play games with your puppy that can lead to aggression. Games like chasing, tug of war, or wrestling because these can develop biting or nipping.

When training your puppy not to bite, you should be consistent with your training. If you want to stop your puppy from biting, then you should not be soft or tolerate your dog to do anything he wants. Remember that you are doing this for his own good.

The Training

puppy training

You can enrol your puppy to an obedience class or putting him in puppy day care for socialization. There are methods they trainers use to copy the mother of the puppy and teach him not biting is not a good thing. Socialization has many benefits because it trains your dog to respond to other dogs and will lessen any aggression when he is with other dogs.

When stopping your puppy from biting, you should avert that behaviour to a constructive one like giving him a chew toy or bone. Say NO and give your puppy a chew toy. He will quickly learn that biting is not good.

Another effective way is to make a gentle noise whenever he nips at you. This mimics the response of other dogs when they get bitten. A gentle whine tells the puppy that you experience pain. You should startle your dog until he leave you alone.

Learning to stop your puppy from biting should be done as soon as possible. This is ideal when the dog is still young. Most probably, your puppy should learn not to bite when he reaches ten weeks. This will prevent stressful years and potential dangers in the near future.

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