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puppy chewing

If you want to learn how to stop your puppy from chewing, then you must first understand that chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs. They chew on things because they feel bored or they are teething. You cannot completely stop a puppy from chewing, but you can redirect this habit. You have to do some things so he will not chew your carpet, couch, or slippers. This article will show you how.

Why Should You Put An Action to Puppy Chewing?

When the dog is still a puppy, most dog owners will tolerate their puppies to chew on whatever they want. This is a natural thing. Or they will do the opposite and scold their puppies, making it confused and caused other problems. You should only response in an average manner. Show your puppy that chewing on things is not a good thing, but there are other things that he can chew.

Tips On How to Stop Puppy Chewing

Stop-Puppy-BitingThere are actually several methods that you can apply to stop your puppy from chewing. To start the process, you should not yell or hit your puppy no matter what. Do not apply force on the puppy when you are mad. This will only make him confused and wonder what did wrong.

Below are some tips that you should consider:

Behaviour Adjustment

scolding a puppy

Instead of fully stopping your puppy from chewing, you should teach him the right things to chew on. When your puppy is chewing your slipper, then divert that action by giving him a chew toy then praise him when he starts chewing on the chew toy. This will make the puppy know that chewing on your things is not acceptable.

Keep Him Busy

keep-your-dog-busy-with-dog-care-games_10_2011Do not get your puppy bored if you want to stop him from chewing. Your puppy is still active in chewing even when he is not in the teething process. You can avoid this situation by giving him enough exercises and a playground at home. When you are not around, ensure that he has something to get busy with to keep him active.

Dog Crate Training

crate training

If he chews on things when you are not around, then you should crate train him so that his space is limited at home. You can put him in a room while you are not around to restrict his space access, but the purpose here must be the same.

Aversion Sprays

aversion spraysTo stop him from chewing cushions or carpets, you can use a safe and humane spray like Cayenne Pepper or Bitter Apple. These substances are very unpleasant to dogs that they can quickly learn not to chew on those things that have bad tastes.

Chewing is a normal habit of dogs, but it should not develop to biting your fingers. If in case your puppy still chews, then there is something you are missing.

Being Consistent

being consistentYou should be consistent with your training to be successful in stopping puppy chewing. Do not tolerate him to chew on your slippers or socks. Provide him with toys and train him not to chew on the things that are not meant to be chewed. You should apply strict rules and follow them accordingly. Your puppy will easily learn that chewing is not a good habit.

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