Things that You Need to Know About Aggressive Behavior in Dogs


Aggressive behaviors in dogs have many factors and causes. One example might be a dominance problem between your pet and you. Another example might be something that was never settled down from the puppyhood like an attack by another dog.

You need to deal with the aggression of your dog as soon as possible. The outcome of prolonged aggression is dangerous and scary if not dealt immediately.

Reasons of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

aggressive dogAggression in dogs can happen as early as six weeks of age. This is a very crucial age where your puppy should be socialized to other dogs, and he or she should be given the training to not bite other people. This socialization phase can end when your puppy turns fourteen weeks old and can still extend further.

This implies certain things. The first one is never take away your dog from its litter until eight weeks old. You should not apply harsh discipline to your dog between eight to ten weeks, and you should ensure that your dog is gently cared in this stage.

Yelling, hitting, or using harsh punishments in early age can promote aggressive behavior in dogs as time passes by.

When you dog reach fourteen weeks old, it needs to be properly socialized with other dogs and people to prevent further behavior problems.

Actual dog aggression can be triggered by several factors. Hereditary factor is one example. Some dog breeds are aggressive compared to other breeds but this is not a general rule. In addition, dogs that have not been spayed are prone to aggressive behavior problems.

The ultimate cause of aggressive behavior is the environment that they are in. A dog that lives in poor environment, no socialization, harsh owner, or has been attacked by dogs is more likely aggressive when it gets old.

Aggression in dogs may develop when they want to build a pecking order. Posturing, biting, and other aggressive occurrences are the indications that a dog wants to establish dominance. You have to establish dominance to your dog as early as possible and you need to maintain your position so that your dog will not take control of everyone in the house.

Controlling and Stopping Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

control your dog

If your dog shows aggression after fourteen months and it has reached the sexual maturity, then you should address this problem as soon as possible. The first thing that you should do is to make yourself as the pack leader.

You should not reward your dog for its aggression, especially when it is

At early age, train your puppy to obey your commands. You should be the one who will control the walking times and feeding, and make sure that you are the leader of the house.

If you allow your dog to take control at home, then it will show aggression to other people in the house.If your dog shows a defensive and aggressive behavior, then it may promote fear to other people. This is the result when a dog is not properly socialized to humans and other dogs. Keep your dog away from kids because they are direct threats, and hire a dog trainer to correct your dog’s

Aggression in dogs is a very serious problem that many owners are facing. However, this behavior can be controlled even when the dog gets old. If the aggression turns into violence, then you should consider hiring a dog professional to correct that behavior to prevent further problems. Do not wait for the time when somebody in the house gets bitten.

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