Things You Need to Know About Dog Health Problems

ear infection

When dealing with dog health problems, there are many potential ailments that you could have. The outcomes can be both expensive and emotionally devastating if they are not addressed immediately.

Instead of responding to the health problems when they happen, why not learn how to prevent them to keep your dog away from health problems.

There are many health problems that a dog can suffer, and this is the same with humans. The main difference is that dogs cannot tell you that they are feeling something. They tend to keep it on their own and suffer in secrecy until the intense pain occurs that need to be treated. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the symptoms and the actions you need to do to avoid further problems.


Dogs can suffer from health problems like infections in the skin, ears, teeth, and in their eyes. The most common health problem is ear infection and this is because of foreign bacteria getting inside. You should regularly check your dog for red spots, dirt, excess body moisture, and swelling. Fortunately, the easiest way to prevent is infection. You should regularly brush his teeth, clean his eyes to prevent further problems.


dog allergiesThere are many allergies related to dogs. The most common allergy in dogs is flea allergy that could lead to hotspots and infections. Ensure that you treat your dog with flea medication monthly and have your dog examined by the vet regularly to assess his health. In addition, if skin problem resulted to ear infection or other spots, it may be allergy from foods. This is a more severe problem that should be resolved by a vet as soon as possible.


Diabetes can also hit dogs, especially those that are pure breed. Diabetes is a result of sugary and fatty foods that can give issues in the pancreas. To prevent having diabetes, you should give your dog a strict diet having only minimal table scraps and excess meals. If you found out that your dog has diabetes, then you should regularly admit him to the vet to be given regular shots.

Dysplasia and Arthritis

Dysplasia and ArthritisThere are some dogs that are prone to joint problems. Pure breed dogs are the most prone to joint problems because of their narrower and longer joints. You should give your dog the necessary minerals and vitamins that he needs. In addition, you should see the vet regularly so that he can have a check on the joints.


ObesityThis is probably the common and deadly health problem that is caused by excessive eating without exercising regularly. Being obese does not always lead to mortality, but it can lead to high rates of heart failure, skin problems, liver disease, tumors, and other health problems. Obesity can be prevented with a healthy diet and monitoring what your dog eats.

If your dog is always having regular exercises and eats a healthy diet, then you can prevent health problems. Also keeping him clean and well groomed will also help. You should not forget to visit your vet for regular check-ups so that health problems can be prevented. It is better to treat the disease earlier.

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