Things You Should Know About Poodle Biting

Poodles are very cute and curly dogs. Though they have these positive traits, they still bite because they are dogs.

Biting is actually a common problem for all dog owners. Unfortunately, most dog owners just tolerate dog biting to develop as the dog grows older. A puppy poodle is very cute when it is still small but when it grows older, it will have a teeth that could crush your bones.

Causes of Biting

biting poodle

Dog experts believe that poodles bite more compared to other breeds. Fortunately, poodles can be trained not to bite. If you are able to train your poodle well, then you can reduce the chance that it will bite people.

Poodles are not bred to do many things than just being a pet. Poodles are believed to be the smartest dogs around. Combined with their intelligence and lack of strong instincts, a poodle can grow unresponsive and stubborn to simple instructions if it is not controlled properly.

Tips on How to Stop Your Poodle from Biting

Like mentioned before, poodles are smart dogs. You can train your poodle not to bite and make him understand that biting is not a good habit. To start training your dog, ensure that it gets the socialization it needs during his puppyhood. You should not take a puppy from its mother under eight weeks. This is the time for the puppy to learn not to bite and avoid its desire to take control of the household.

After eight weeks, your puppy should be socialized with the family members and other dogs. Join him to puppy day cares, bite aversion class, and ensure that welcoming and calm to the dog. Puppies should not be scolded or yelled because they still know nothing and being aggressive can lead to further behaviour problems.

If you own a poodle, do not tolerate its biting habits. You should provide him with a toy that produces a whimpering sound to show the puppy that it hurts to bite. Other puppies would also show the same behaviour.

Poodle Biting as They Age

fighting poodlesIf your poodle is already old but still keeps his habit of biting or nipping, then you have to ensure that you are in full control of him. This means that you should be the leader of the pack and do not tolerate your dog to show dominance. You should set the feeding and walking times. Train your dog to obey basic instructions or commands. In addition, you should not play games like chasing, tug of war, and wrestling because these can develop biting.

In case your dog shows fear and anxiety or aggressiveness, you should enrol him to a dog obedience class where he can socialize with other dogs. He can also be controlled in an environment where his aggression can be resolved.

And if the poodle biting still continues and becomes more threatening, then you should hire a dog expert or confine him to your veterinarian to solve any potential problems in his health.

It is important to keep in your mind that biting is not a good habit. Apply the tips given in this article correctly and prevent your poodle from biting.

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