Tips on Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldog breed is one of the oldest and elite breeds in the modern society. A bulldog is a symbol of England since 1500s, which signifies courageous and stoic. This implies that bulldog training is quite challenging, especially if your puppy is adventurous and stubborn at home.bulldog

Tips on Choosing a Puppy

When choosing your bulldog puppy, you should consider the money that you will have to spend for this breed. Bulldogs are very expensive because they are prone to health problems from birth and as they grow old. So you should choose a bulldog puppy that is at least 8 weeks that is not aggressive. Ensure that the vet or seller sells the puppy in good health because there are many health problems connected to puppyhood, especially in their ears and noses.

Puppy training for bulldog should start the time you bring your puppy home. Make sure that your puppy is already matured and has been socialized properly. If your puppy is still below 10 weeks old and has not been socialized properly, then you should do this first so that aggression behaviour will not be developed. Bulldog Puppy Training

choosing a puppy

When your bulldog is old enough, you should begin to train him with housetraining. At a young age, bulldogs are really stubborn and hard headed. Therefore it is strongly recommended to apply crate training during the house breaking. Note that it will take a long time to achieve the housebreaking process. But once it is finalized, a bulldog will be extra careful not to violate anymore.

Once you have established the basic things, you need to begin establishing an environment that you are clearly sure that you will be the pack leader. You can train your bulldog puppy not to chew or bite on things by giving him chew toys that have whining sounds to indicate that it hurts when they bite. You should not tolerate your puppy to sleep on your bed or jump on the couch. The crate training should be exercised in these months as you test how long can the dog stay there.

Training for your bulldog should progress into the obedience stage between three to six months with concentration on fundamental commends such as lying down, staying, sitting, coming when called, focusing on you, not pulling its leash, and waiting inside doors.

You will notice that a bulldog can understand the basic commands, but it may not obey them initially because they have strong nature not to.

Protect Your Puppy by Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldog Puppy Training

Bulldogs have inherent nature of being courageous and curious, and they explore as many things as possible. You should train your puppy not to chase cars, not to run away from you when in public, and to stop in the curb. You should not put away from puppy’s leash not until you are sure that it will come back when you call it. The dangers and risks of bulldogs are very high compared to other breeds of dog.

Doing the proper training for your bulldog is a bit challenging compared to normal trainings. Training your puppy the first time seems hard, but you will eventually realize that bulldogs are attentive andloyal dogs. They may stay by your side stubbornly, but they will stay clean indoors and follow your commands. But only if you apply the basic training at the early stage and ensure it follows your commands, then you can be best buddies for life.

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