Tips on How to Do Dachshund Training

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Dachshunds are probably one of the cutest breed of dog in the modern times. However, training this breed of dog is a different aspect because this dog-shaped dog is a stubborn one. Dachshunds require special attention and care to ensure that their attitude is controlled. Let us talk more about this in the following paragraphs.

So what makes this breed different?

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Training a Dachshund is not an easy task. You have to invest patience because, as mentioned earlier, this kind of dog is stubborn. Dachshunds like to do everything by themselves and make their own decisions. With this situation, there seems to be a lot of work to do.

The first thing that you should keep in your mind, no matter how cute your dog is, is that it is still a dog. It is an animal that requires special attention and should be cared properly. The second thing to do is to start treating him like a small individual or offering him some privileges in his small size.

You should know that if you do not train your Dachshund, then you are putting his life in danger. Having a strong will and personality, it is very easy to get him into trouble. Additionally, their backs can be put to danger when they jump too high or climb on things. Fortunately, this is a trainable behaviour.

Dachshund Basic Training

basic trainingTo start training your dog, ensure that you begin training him at the early age and engage him to many exercises. True that Dachshunds are very small dogs, however, they are a type of breed that is perfect for hunting. They possess lots of energy and when this is not used properly, it can lead to further health problems.

When the Dachshund gets the workout he needs, the training is very easy to commence. However, you have to carefully plan on how to train him.

Having Short Sessions

short dog sessionsEvery training session should be done in a five minute session. Once your Dachshund decides that he does not want to listen to you, then it is very difficult to proceed with the training. Therefore, you need to do it as soon as possible before they decide to not follow you or not listen to you.

Applying the Basics

basics of dog trainingA Dachshund should know how to do the basics like staying, sitting, and down. Dachshunds are very limited on how high they can jump or climb. You should carry your dog up and down stairs and do not tolerate them to jump on furniture. You should teach them that these are not good.

Clicker Dog Training

clicker trainingDachshund training works great, especially when you combine it with clicker training. Dachshunds are not good in listening, but they will respond to single and sharp sounds. Clicker dog training can be done with a short burst of sound that can get their attention.

Giving Your Dog Rewards

giving rewards

Giving punishments to your Dachshund is not effective in correcting him, especially when it comes to bad behaviour. They have strong will and they may grow stubborn and aggressive if they get punished. You should apply positive corrections like giving rewards when your dog did something good. Dachshunds love attention in physical and they love to be given with treats for their good deeds.

Dachshund training is a challenging process. You have to spend some time and patience. What is important is that you do not allow your puppy to dominate you. Because when you give in, you will lose your position as the pack leader, and it is very hard to regain the position back when he gets older.

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