Tips on How to Do Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund Dog TrainingSchutzhund training is actually a sport that was developed in Germany as a test for numerous German shepherd dogs to be used as police dogs. Instead of using the appearance of the dog to determine if it is capable, Schutzhund let dog trainers to determine the best animals that can do the job. Nowadays, most dogs are allowed to enter Schutzhund dog training, though only few pass.

Schutzhund Training – The Basics

basic schutzhund training

This kind of training is very rigid and a highly structured process that changed over the past decades. This training is less abusive to the dogs compared to its first versions, but still strict in order to assess the dog. In the past, almost all training was based on manuals and courses. Nowadays, we already have DVDs and video tutorials to help dog owners begin the training.

The training will test dogs in several behaviours that are perfect for police situations like retrieving, protection, sniffing, and tracking. Most Schutzhund training will commence when the dog is still young. The training will take place for months to determine if the dog is perfect for the police work.

The Importance of Schutzhund Training

Importance of Schutzhund TrainingIn Schutzhund dog training, there are many factors involved. The course that you will select depends on the obedience program or videos that you subscribed. Below are the courses that Schutzhund dog training focus.

Clicker Dog Training

clickerNot all trainers will make use of clicker. On the other hand, clickers are considered as a universal technique that perfectly works with German Shepherds and other suitable dog breeds. Clicker dog training should start when the dog is still a puppy around ten weeks.

Dog Obedience Training

dog obedience trainingThe first test for Schutzhund training is actually obedience training. There are eleven fundamental commands that are being applied in this kind of training. Some of the commands are sit, jump, stay, roll over, and etc. In order to complete all eleven, you have to master the training points.


trackingDogs are being trained to track different things like cadavers, bombs, and drugs. There is a specific training for each object. Using the pointing out of an object and targeting obedience cues, Schutzhunds can be trained to determine certain smells of the target.


schutzhund protectionDogs can also be trained to protect people. Being a police means that you will risk your life to all kinds of danger. Therefore, they need animals to protect them when necessary. Dogs are being trained with certain commands to determine a threat. On the other hand, they can be also trained to protect certain object or people without having to command them.

The concept of Schutzhund training is to provide dogs with specific skills that they can use to accomplish tasks efficiently and quickly. Dogs that are in training programs can complete training at a rate of 20 percent or lower. On the other hand, Schutzhund training is also effective just like obedience training for dogs at home.

If you are planning to apply Schutzhund training for your dog, then ensure to do researches on different training programs in accordance to their success rates and the concepts used.

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