Tips On How to Stop Barking Dogs

barking dog

If you have already decided to stop barking dogs at home, then you may have figured out that there are many methods that you can apply to deal with the problem. Dogs have a nature to bark, and regardless of the breed and refinement over the years, they still have desires to voice out their needs and feelings. There is only one dog breed that does not bark, and it is called the Basenji.

Before you stop dogs from barking, you have to figure out why they bark. Also, find out what kinds of barks that you can manage or control.

Causes of Barking Dogs

Dogs bark for many reasons. When they are angry, they bark. When they are excited, they still bark. They also bark when they feel scared. Below are some reasons why your dogs bark:

  • Injury or Illness Related Barking
  • Compulsive Barking
  • Frustration Barking
  • Greeting Barking
  • Attention Seeking Barking
  • Territorial Barking
  • Alarm Barking

In reality, barking tells who your dog is. It is very impossible to stop dogs from barking completely. They want to express themselves whenever they want no matter what you do to stop their behaviours.

Tips On How to Stop Dogs From Barking

how to stop dog barkingWhen your dog does not want to stop barking, find out if the habit is warranted. Nine out of ten, it is excessive and can be stopped. If you want to control your dog from barking too much, then you should ask yourself some questions.

  • When does your dog bark?
  • What is it barking at?
  • Does your dog have a certain trigger?

If you found out that your dog barks because it wants to protect its territory or just alarmed, do not shout or yell at him. Negative reinforcement will only lead to aggression or biting problems. You dog cannot understand what you are trying to say. They may stop barking, but the problem is still there.

To solve this problem, create a situation that your dog will not feel to protect itself or its territory. This will start by being the alpha leader of the pack and show your dog that you are in control of his space. You can lessen the possibilities of your dog to see threats. Build blinds so that he will not see the mailman. Build a fence so that he cannot go outside.

Dog Separation Anxiety

dog separation anxiety

If your dog is anxious, then it will bark a lot. They want to be with you and will continue to bark when you arrive home. This may be because you are giving him treats in the past. Your dog becomes excited when you arrive home, and you immediately give him attention. Instead of doing this, you should ignore your dog for ten or fifteen minutes so he will stop associating with you when you arrive home.

Barking dogs do not have to be a problem in your community. You should learn how to control or stop it. If you perfectly learned how to stop it, then you will not have to worry about your neighbors being disturbed by the bark of your dog.

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